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Hunan culture communication co., LTD., founded in great sino-asean bay2004Years,Enterprise, formerly known as changsha arts building materials co., LTD,Under the scoop knife river town of changsha chicken feather industrial park moved to changsha city copper officer town international ceramic art village,Plants take up little3000Square,This company specialized design and production of stainless steel、Wrought brass、Copper casting,Cast iron,Glass fiber reinforced plastic,Ceramics,The man-made sandstone,Cement,A bubble,Stone sculptures, etc,Is the collection design、Production、安装为一体化的实力型现代雕塑公司,Hold《City sculpture creation design certification》The unit,The designated country”University of ceramic art.Sculpture practice base”. Time flies,The sun is like a boat,Great sino-asean bay sculpture has gone through more than ten years the spring and autumn in the industry。To view more+

Common problems



QHow to design the skeleton of the stainless steel sculpture?

Stainless steel sculpture, according to the different modelling can adopt corresponding processing technique,No matter which kind of methods should ensure that the art of sculpture....

QWhat tools do you need to processing stone carvings?

(1)Hand tools Hammer,The axe,All kinds of steel as shown in figure (2)Electric tools ....