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Do not use conflict minerals statement:Refers to the tin conflict minerals、Tantalum、Tungsten gold is originated in the democratic republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries such as minerals。These minerals sales income may provide financial support for local ongoing armed conflict,Used to trading arms,Continue with the conflict between the government,Ravaged by local civilians,So the international disputes。A member of the high tech semiconductor as a citizen of the world,We promise not to purchase does not support the use conflict minerals,And in accordance withEICCUpdate conflict mineral requirements questionnaire for conflict minerals。
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    Advanced semiconductor(Changshu)Co., LTD For a specialization is devoted to the surface treatment of the professional company,With strong research and development、Technology and manufacturing team;On the surface precision semiconductor lead frame functional coating process for OEM services20Years of rich experience industry representatives。
  As the environmental protection consciousness awakening and industry level precision leap,High technology is leading the industry,In quality、Service and speed for the first offer advanced on the basis of green products,Period can be as a responsible for due diligence in the semiconductor packaging industry refining of gold nails and an indispensable component。
  Here we will introduce the background of our company to you,The development course,As well as research and development。We will convey to you the company's corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit。 
  Thank you very much for your visit our company website!
  We will be in line with the principle of the supremacy of customers provide the best service for you。

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“Polymer coating technology”Development is complete
“LED High Power”Surface treatment technology import production
“Lead-free plating technology”The research and development
“Lead-free plating process”To complete the production

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Whole plant surface treatment servicesSurface treatment of chemical liquidsBGASurface treatmentL/FThe surface treatment

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