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Four big advantage
Focus on steel plate bonding process

01AG亚游集团The strength of qualifications

There are size prestige。

  • And established2004Years2Month
  • The registered capital1008Ten thousand yuan,Total assets5700Ten thousand yuan;
  • Has passedISO9001:2008International quality system certification;。

02Production ability,DecisionThe quality of the product

New steel plate production equipment,Is the guarantee of product quality

  • AG亚游集团With three automatic production line for high speed steel grille plate welding press;
  • Advanced advancedABBSteel grille and robot;
  • AG亚游集团Equipped with processing200Tons of hot dip galvanized processing workshop。
Steel case board product quality first-class service
Professional、Efficient、The high quality service

03Professional、Efficient、High qualityThe service

Quality service is the foundation of long-term cooperation

  • The experienced design team,Steel case board installation drawings for free with you;
  • To provide you with steel grille plate late prophase field measurement and installation guide services;
  • Steel grille plate appear any quality problem for our reasons,24Hours to solve。

04Be honest、Open、Passion

AG亚游集团Only the pursuit of reasonable profit,Willing to long-term win-win with customers。

  • The service is good,Is the old customersAG亚游集团The basis of development,
  • Continuously improve product quality to reduce the production cost isAG亚游集团The development of power。
  • Efficient company team is of unityAG亚游集团The core competitiveness。
Be honest、Open、Passion
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HebeiAG亚游集团Metal mesh(Steel plate)Manufacturing co., LTD,Is located in hebei anpingxian city development zone。Was established2004Years2Month,The registered capital1008Ten thousand yuan,Total assets5700Ten thousand yuan,Has passedISO9001:2008International quality system certification。Is made up of anpingxian gold tagon case board factory and hot dip galvanizing industry for more than 10 years experience of anpingxian jintai hot dip galvanized factory a large steel case board invested enterprise,The main production Steel plate Galvanized steel grating plate Composite steel grating Tooth shape steel plate Deformed steel plate The grating step plate Grille drain cover, etc,Consists of steel plate and hot dip galvanizing workshop production workshop。 AG亚游集团Steel plate is a hebei province From the strip steel slitting、To the finished product pressure welding hot dip galvanized a full set of technology and large steel plate production enterprise,The main production equipment…

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With fruitful results,To prove thatAG亚游集团The strength of the
  • 2018Steel plate40Ethylene glycol ten thousand tons of coal
  • Steel case board plank road tourist pier platform 【Hebei conference on tourism development projects】
  • Inner Mongolia shenhua power plant boiler maintenance platform
  • Cangzhou port transport nest platform
  • Cangzhou solids control equipment maintenance platform
  • Chengdu steel grille plate stage project
  • Tianjin sphere steel ladder platform
  • Huanghua port operation platform project
  • Tianjin alkaline factory cooling tower project
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