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Field survey
Hangzhou made wild storage equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in warehouse shelves and storage equipment design、Sales、One of the installation in a body's large-scale shelf company。Products covered by the hangzhou shelves、Xiaoshan shelves、Shaoxing shelves、Huzhou shelves、Haining shelves、Linan shelves shelves in zhejiang area, etc。Domestic logistics equipment industry many backbone elite,With professional experience in industry、Leading design scheme、Excellent product quality、The management idea of good faith,Shelf manufacturing industry enjoys a high reputation in the country,Many enterprises are the preferred storage shelves。Wild shelf company with advanced management、Modern equipment、High speed the pace of development to the international modern logistics equipment companies……  More and more>
Product display

Light shelves

Medium-sized shelves

Heavy shelves

The cantilever shelf

Loft-style shelves

Steel platform shelves

Through type shelf

Mold shelves

Fluent type shelf

Fabric shelves

Pharmaceutical warehouse shelves

The tray and logistics equipment

Storage cage and cars

Supermarket shelves

The workbench tool cabinet

File cabinet series
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Field information
· Warm congratulations on wild storage won the Chinese credit...
· The boss package a piece of the sea,With the staff to its model...
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The dynamic of the industry
· Whether you need storage shelves need electric forklift truck...
· Imports of iron ore price index
· Draw lessons from foreign shelf management experience、Perfect to me...
· Hangzhou clothes shelf enterprise broaden the domestic sales...
· Plans to spend large sum of money in overseas iron ore mining in our country...
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Engineering cases
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Branch of China mobile communication in jiaxing
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Zhejiang rong group
Long litas materials
Small fish costumes
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Triple falls textiles
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, electrical appliances
Zhejiang pharmaceutical companies
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China mobile communications
SangLe solar energy
Ningbo shi electrical appliances
Septwolves garment
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