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Provide professional canteen contractor and food distribution

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Provide professional canteen contractor and food distribution
Really improve the scientific nutrition indicators catering,To improve the quality of life
Canteen contractor

● High quality、Excellent source material,To ensure food safety and reliability
● Abundant dietary standardized modern enterprise management,Master the food safety
Canteen security key points and knowledge points,Lead the development of the canteen contracting industry
● From is established“The field to the table”Food safety traceability system
Canteen outsourcing
Various dishes

● Company set up r&d center,With nearly20Senior chef team to develop innovation,
Formed3000Multi-channel platform margin,And to introduce the traditional8The big cuisines16Big place characteristic local flavour。
● Nutritionists, according to the customer's actual situation“Act according to actual circumstances”。
Delicious meals
Delicious meals

● Our company has a professional cook、Nutritionists team,The standardized menu,Ensure that rich dishes、
A balanced,Constantly updated、Develop new nutrition menu and practices。
● Let employees enjoy rich every day、Nutrition、Characteristics of all kinds of food。
One-stop shopping
Food distribution

● All purchasing food, such as:The fish、The meat、Dishes such as fresh and the meat and selects the high quality
Health department supervisor to recognize the food。
● Can your company every employee representatives to supervise all food。
Abundant dietary
Group meal solution providers
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